Laurence Lavallee 

Laurence Lavallée aka Flo

aka Flo - is an illustrator and Surface pattern designer living in Montréal, Canada.

My name is Laurence Lavallee aka FLO. From the age of 6 I dreamed of becoming an architect. My ambition to fulfill this dream held no boundaries. I initially completed my Technical degree in Architecture from Cegep du Vieux Montreal and then went on to complete a BA in Architecture at the University of Montreal. After this I bid farewell to Canada and left everything behind for a new life in the UK.

This new life was great but something was missing and I soon found out that I needed to do something to occupy my creative mind. I started sewing quilt and I found myself spending more time searching for fabrics. I started to dream about patterns which I couldn't find and suddenly I had an EUREKA moment - “Why don't I design patterns!”. I taught myself through books, online courses (The Make It In Design School Module 1-2-3-4 and Make Art that Sells) and tutorials to feed my new passion. Drawing became a day to day pleasure and I am now a freelance illustrator and pattern designer.