Star Wars, doodles & vases

Hi I’m Lisa Kirkbride, one of the UK finches based in the north east of England. I'm taking over the blog today to share my process.

I love vibrant colours, graphic shapes and pattern so I thought I'd show you a piece I have just completed for my Surtex portfolio which ticks all these boxes.

This pattern started with some repetitive vase doodles I did one night whilst my husband introduced my daughter Lily (11) to the Star Wars films – starting at the beginning or the middle film depending how you look at it - I had plenty of time to draw! I love to doodle with Sharpies or Graphik pens and I created this pretty, interlocking vase design which I thought would make a great pattern for gift wrap or stationery.

I scanned my sketch and used it as a guide to trace over in Adobe Illustrator using my Wacom Cintiq (my favourite toy!). The Cintiq allows you to draw directly onto the screen with a Wacom pen which feels fairly close to drawing on paper. I spent some time looking at colour trends and palettes and then selected a range of colours I was happy with and started to create all the quirky, interlocking vases.

Working on layers, and the limited palette, the pattern started to take shape.

When I felt the design was complete, I tested the repeat to make sure the pattern looked balanced and I made a few adjustments to rectify any problem areas. I also experimented with some different background colours to see if I could give the pattern a bit more "pop".

... And ta dah! -  the final design. The pattern took a couple weeks as I dipped in and out of it but I'm really pleased with the result. I'll now look at how I will apply it to mocked up products and most likely create some co-ordinates to complement it. I hope you enjoyed reading about my process.