Hello!  This is Mara Penny, I'm back to share the beginning of my journey as I create a home decor line.  I'm taking Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau's, Creating Collections for Home Decor, class and we just finished up our first week.  This will be the second time I've taken this course so I felt confident enough to bust out of the mold and forge my own path.

I have two elementary school aged kids.  A boy and a girl.  They share a room.  It's not great.  I'm definitely not a matchy-matchy theme girl but I do like things to go together.  That doesn't really happen in their room.  I'm creating this home decor line to address these problems.  I realize that I just said that I'm not crazy for themes but in this case I need a unifying idea.  I adore J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan books.  There's a lot going on them.  You'll find pirates, mermaids, Indians, fairies, talking stars, beasts, magic, mischief and grand adventures.  There's something for everyone!

We tackled metal in our first week.  When Peter first visits the Darlings' nursery his shadow accidentally detaches from him, this inspired me to create golden silhouettes of my children floating above a sea of black cast iron.  In another Peter Pan book, J.M. Barrie describes human parents writing descriptions of their desired children on folded paper boats or thrush's nests and sending them down the river.  In response the corresponding birds fly back over the river to the parents-to-be and transform into human children. I just love this imagery. I created a golden cast bronze nest for children to leave their teeth for the tooth fairy and a cast iron cloisonne bird bank because it would be rad!

You can follow along on my website for the next four weeks as I create more pieces from different substrates for my Neverland Collection!  Hope to see you there!

xo, mara