A Suite of Love Notes...

Every now and then, my muse is right on time...just like a good song. Creative work requires inspiration - and while some projects cannot wait for timing to be right, others only manifest when the lightbulb is on. I started this Love Note series after a particularly wonderful live music show. It wasn't my favorite musician, or even one of my top ten, but it was such a beautiful show - such a heartfelt live acoustic performance, that I came home and immediately created a sketch that eventually blossomed into an ongoing series of illustrations. 

Below is my original Love Note illustration completed, created first as a sketch, then colorized as a vector, and finally painted for texture and color depth.


Once I stepped back and looked at my work, I realized that there was more there than I'd discovered in my first Love Note. I started to work with the hearts, and the sketch itself, and built out some coordinate concepts as well as gift tag ideas. 


I've created a couple more Love Note illustrations in this series that just continues to grow! I hope you enjoy seeing a bit of my working process, and how these illustrations grow into working collections!


Happy Valentine's Day!