Tools for the trade

by Courtney Beth Keller

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a new tool: the apple pencil. My folks came to Colorado for a visit, and my mom brought her apple pencil and ipad along. As I played with the pencil and made all manner of sill swirls and marks, I was enthralled. This was like paint - only digital! My mom laughed that the apple pencil had barely been used and decided to leave it for me to play with. It has since become an integral tool in my workflow. I like to work quickly, getting my ideas out of my head and onto paper (or in this case, "paper") - and this digital drawing tool is perfect for my pace! This month I'm working through a 30 day lettering challenge. I also decided to jump on the "100 days of..." challenge on Instagram, and have decided to complete 100 days of lettering. I'll share a bit of my process for today's challenge:

Today's challenge is to letter a congratulatory phrase. I am playing with some new metallic and glitter brushes, which offer amazing shine and depth. First, I set up a new document and add a quick pencil sketch showing my approximate layout idea.

Next, I'll start with a base layer of medium-gold. This will allow me to both add shadows / shine, and glitter highlights. 

While I'm really still very new to procreate, the app I've found most conducive to lettering, one of the most helpful features I've discovered out of the box is the ability to isolate what's on each layer, similar to the magic wand tool in photoshop. This feature is my friend! I've placed each word and the star on its own layer, and this will help when I show some depth, and decide which pieces overlap and need to shine or hide. 

I work on each layer, adding a base medium gold, a darker foil and the bright glittery shine.

When it comes together, my little lettering congratulations message is ready to share! I look forward to sharing many more of my greetings with you if you're coming to Surtex next month - stop by booth #3026 and say Hello (or maybe, if you like the booth, 'way to go!'). :)

Congratulatory greeting by Courtney Beth Keller