You can never have enough florals

Hi it’s Lisa Kirkbride here, showing a piece I produced recently for Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells Bootcamp. Due to the “pre-Surtex" and “post-Surtex" effect, I didn’t manage to take part in many of the assignments this year but I couldn’t resist the final project - Florals - and if anyone hadn’t noticed from my social media feeds - I LOVE florals! A LOT!

The assignment was to produce a journal with a particular flower, in my case Zinnia - first task - what is a Zinnia? As much as I love florals, a lot of mine are from my imagination and a little bit kookie, so I needed to do a bit of research. Apparently Zinnia’s thrive in an environment of monsoon rain, interspersed with hot sun and high humidity - not typical UK weather (at least the latter conditions).

I started with some sketches which I took into Illustrator via Adobe Capture from my iPad. It's a really cool app - you scan your image (basically take a picture of it) and it converts your hand drawn lines into vector lines, removing any gradients of the paper and imports the images as vector into your CC Library ready to use. I then started playing with colours and scale and assembled my flowers with some foliage and smaller flowers to add variety and contrast.

Finally I added the hand lettering and some simplistic bird silhouettes in a contrasting colour. Once I was happy with the result I mocked up my finished design onto a Journal. I played around with the scale of the image but felt it worked best when bursting out of the edges of the cover. Like this...

Job done! In addition, I couldn’t resist creating a greetings card and patterns too. We were enjoying a mini heatwave in the UK at the time so a deckchair felt like a must!