The concept of beauty and my quest for perfection!


Bonjour (Hello!) 

My name is Laurence Lavallée or Flo. I am a new member at Finch and Foxgloves. I am so pleased to be part of this amazing group of artistes. 

Who is Flo?

Quick introduction: I started calling myself an artist only last year but I have been working on building my illustration and pattern skills for 3 years. Mum of 2, I lived in Manchester in the United of Kingdom for 10 years before moving back to the motherland, Montréal in Canada last May.

This big move was the best time to declutter not only the household but my life in general. Starting fresh and taking my art career seriously was also at the top of the list.

Because most of our personal items were shipped by boat, we were living for 3 months with the bare minimum and I have to admit I loved it. It just forces you to be resourceful. Fewer objects-toys-clothes-dishes = less mess = less cleaning!

However all my art materials, sewing machine, paint and papers were on the boat. I only brought with me a couple of ink pens and a very limited watercolour palette. Plus for 3 months I was computer-less…meaning I was lost. 

I put my positive pants on and I started to draw and paint everyday. At first, I was very uncomfortable as I alway finish my art on the computer so I can modify and erase mistake and make it perfect. I was getting very frustrated because I was constantly trying to achieve perfection so I could post on my social network beautiful and finished drawings. Maybe it’s my background in Architecture that was dictating this quest for perfection, no wobbly lines and the perfect symmetry.

Series of 3 Portraits: experimenting with ink and computer!

Series of 3 Portraits: experimenting with ink and computer!

I started to question myself: why do I want everything to be perfect? 

Is it more beautiful? 

What is my definition of beauty? 

As a matter of fact, I define a beautiful person as somebody who has charm, whose little imperfections makes them different and quirky, somebody who has a unique style and who has a magical and contagious smile. So if this represents beauty to me, I should than apply the same rules to my art. What a revelation! I felt like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I felt free! No more worry, no more thinking when drawing, just letting myself go. Leaving the word perfection at the door when creating opened a new world, and I am now happy to say I finally found my voice and a style which I am comfortable with! Being ME through my art and forgetting about perfection was the missing puzzle on my quest to find MY style and for the first time I feel comfortable drawing a wobbly line!  

Here are 3 sketches embracing my imperfections...

People buy your joy! as Lilla Rogers said. That means if you enjoy the process of creation then your art will shine! I am ready to make my art shine!

- Laurence (aka Flo)